Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the hut?

You can get to the hut via Hengistbury head on foot or by pushbike. The Landrover service is what we recommend as they will take all your gear and drop it off right outside our hut. You can also use the Mudeford  Ferry from Mudeford Quay but check their Facebook page prior to your visit as they do alter their daily trips during the season and in adverse weather. You can also reach the Spit by boat if you have one and pull up right outside the hut, tide permitting.

Is there a shop on the spit?

Yes, there is a shop selling basic items. You can use our bikes to cycle to the Broadway where there is a convenience store or slightly further to Tuckton where there is a Tesco Express

Does the hut have power?

The hut runs off 12-volt batteries via a solar system which is enough power to run a fridge, lights radio and charge up your devices. We need sunshine to keep them charged so always be careful when using lights etc at night.

How close are the toilets and shower block?

The toilets and showers are very close to the hut, approximately 40 yards away.

What happens if the gas runs out at the hut?

I will ask you to replace it at the shop and will refund you in full when I get the receipt.

Can I fish at the spit?

Yes you can, I can advise you on the best gear to bring to the hut.

Are there fishing trips available?

There is a boat called the Predator that takes out organised trips from Mudeford. Alan can be contacted on:

Do we need to bring our own bedding?

Yes, you do, Pillows, Bed Sheets, Duvets / Sleeping bags.

What other items should we bring?

Tea Towels, Kitchen roll, Charcoal, Fire Lighters and plenty of wine.

How much space is in the fridge?

The Fridge is a small under-counter one so it only holds a small amount of food. It has a very small freezer section, enough for a small bag of ice. We do have coolers and suggest that you bring frozen milk bottles of water and some bags of ice to keep beer, wine and soft drinks chilled for days.

Can we drive to the hut?

Sorry, no cars are allowed on the Spit apart from supplies and essential workers.

Can we store our sports equipment?

We have a small amount of space under the hut for SUP’s

Is there WIFI at the hut?

No there isn’t but the 4g reception from Hut 94 is excellent.